PIFF Members Protect Florida Drivers and Homeowners

The top 25 private companies write about 3.4 million residential property insurance policies in Florida. PIFF companies write nearly 620,000 of these policies with $183 billion in total exposure. That’s almost 20 percent of all homes – a huge chunk of the market and vital to the state’s economic security.

PIFF companies also write nearly 50 percent of all auto policies in Florida – over 6 million vehicles.

PIFF companies paid billions of dollars in claims to rebuild much of the state in the wake of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and the multiple hurricanes of 2004 and 2005.

Even in non-hurricane years PIFF companies pay well over $4 billion annually in P&C claims to Floridians.

PIFF companies are growing claims-paying surplus faster than other segments of the market, according to OIR data.

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PIFF Members Support Florida Communities

Foundations sponsored by these companies donate over $3 million to Florida charities ranging from local Red Cross chapters to the March of Dimes to Habitat for Humanity and Road Rangers.

College scholarship funds and intercollegiate athletics and are boosted greatly by millions of dollars in sponsorships from PIFF companies.

Thousands of agents in thousands of office locations in most Florida towns and cities donate immeasurable time, staff hours and money to charities and community efforts including:

  • Sponsoring countless youth sports programs from Pensacola to Key West;
  • Supporting local charities including food ministries, hospices, Toys for Tots, United Way, Salvation Army, YMCA, Kiwanis, Jaycees, Rotary, humane societies and many more;
  • Participating in educational efforts and foundations, donating back-to-school supplies.
  • Fundraisers such as charitable road runs, golf and fishing tournaments and Special Olympics.
  • Serving on hundreds of charity and other community boards and committees.



PIFF Members Invest in Florida

PIFF companies inject hundreds of millions of dollars into Florida’s economy through capital investments, wages, dividends and taxes paid, with dozens of company office locations and hundreds of agents’ offices throughout Florida. We employ almost 7,000 Floridians in addition to our agent workforce.

PIFF companies support state and local governments with over $70 million in property, premium and real estate taxes paid annually. Local communities benefit from our purchase of over $2.6 billion in municipal bonds to fund schools, roads and other public projects.

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PIFF Members Are Committed to Florida

PIFF companies have been serving Floridians for decades and will continue to be a major part of Florida’s economy.

PIFF members operate nationally and have the collective experience and financial strength to get customers back on their feet quickly and completely.

For more information on PIFF contact us at (850) 597-7425 or online at piff.net.