The Capitolist: A consumer coalition is hopeful this is the year state lawmakers address the issue of fraud and litigation in AOB’s

“AOB abuse is increasing at an alarming rate, now creeping into the auto glass realm,” added Michael Carlson, president of the Personal Insurance Federation of Florida. “We cannot allow another year of inaction to fuel Florida’s reputation as the AOB lawsuit capital of the nation. We are thankful to see the progress and engagement from…


Florida Politics: Insurance group explains AOB in new radio campaign

The Personal Insurance Federation of Florida is launching a 60-second radio ad explaining how assignment of benefits, or AOB, “rewards few at the expense of many.” PIFF and other insurance groups are hoping the Legislature changes the law to significantly curb AOB lawsuits, which stem from policyholders signing over their insurance benefits to attorneys or…


Sunshine State News: Money from Misery — Meet Harvey Cohen, the Johnny Appleseed of ‘Assignment of Benefits’ Claims

Ever wonder where “assignment of benefits” abuse came from? Let me introduce you to Harvey V. Cohen of Orlando and Maitland and any place else where tragedy has befallen Florida homeowners. Cohen is the self-professed “go-to attorney for assignment of benefits contract cases … known throughout the state of Florida and nationwide,” reads his bio.…